Saving money with SunPower Metasol Automatic Circuit Breaker

Today we dealt with SunPower Asia Metasol automatic circuit breaker. It was installed in one of their big outdoor invertors with power output 1.2 MW. DNO requested the site to be G59/3-2 protected.

Engineer from UK Power Networks asked for the site to be controlled at High Voltage side, therefore we integrated G59/3-2 control there.

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Comissioning of our 10 MW solar farm

Today we finally commissioned new 10 MW Solar Farm. G59/3-2 Test went well and without any problems as we were supervising this project from start to finish. This gave us chance to pretest everything individually as we go along. It is ground mount as you can see.Together with our German partners we managed to pull this off in a very tight schedule. This project from start to finish took us only 3 months.

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BIOGAS and Solar Farm with one transformer

Today was a lovely day and we commissioned and G59/3-2 tested very awkward system. Our company dealt with the project from the beginning. We were told that on the field near by they planing to put 1 MW of solar, but they already have a BIOGAS unit totalling 500KW turning on every day from 6PM to 3AM. The old transformer for the BIOGAS unit could take a load of 2 MW Solar no problems. Owners decided to use our scheme.

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