BIOGAS and Solar Farm with one transformer

Today was a lovely day and we commissioned and G59/3-2 tested very awkward system. Our company dealt with the project from the beginning. We were told that on the field near by they planing to put 1 MW of solar, but they already have a BIOGAS unit totalling 500KW turning on every day from 6PM to 3AM. The old transformer for the BIOGAS unit could take a load of 2 MW Solar no problems. Owners decided to use our scheme.

We installed our 1 MW solar thru the old transformer and installed inter trip between BIOGAS and Solar, to make sure every time BIOGAS switches on our Solar field would power down. That was useful as working times of the BIOGAS unit were in the evening or late at night. As you already know you can not transform electricity on one transformer from two dissimilar electricity sources at the same time.

After hard wiring inter trip and passing it thru with DNO Electricity North West, we also witness tested G59/3-2 equipment. Both parties was very happy. DNO with nice and safe environment and customer with about quarter of a million saved money. It is very important to take advise from right people at the right time. Because fixing the problems could be a very expensive trip.

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