Comissioning of our 10 MW solar farm

Today we finally commissioned new 10 MW Solar Farm. G59/3-2 Test went well and without any problems as we were supervising this project from start to finish. This gave us chance to pretest everything individually as we go along. It is ground mount as you can see.Together with our German partners we managed to pull this off in a very tight schedule. This project from start to finish took us only 3 months.

We managed to beat the quote on contestable works by far as we have very competitive prices for the investors. We have a team of leading specialists from across the globe. They worked in Germany, Turkey, Australia and so on. Currently they have installed 150 MW of Solar power around the world. In United Kingdom we've done 2 solar farms. Both of them 10 MW each. We still looking after the projects taking data samples practically every day.

We also found that farmers still use our solar fields for sheep and other live stock which makes our solar farm twice greener!

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