Export Limitation Panels

It is a well know fact that renewable energy is sometimes being exported back into the grid. In some areas DNO (Distribution Network Operator) might experience some difficulties in accepting the export of energy. So in somes cases the dno will specify limited or zero export restriction to the customer.

This means you can install your generation system for example solar for the size you need to supply your premises with free solar energy , you will be able to save money on your electricity bill and also contribute towards cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Our Export Limitation System will allow you to install any size generation and will limit export to the DNOs requested parameters, we also will be able to test, commission and prove to the DNO that the system is fully working and fail safe with our advanced injection test. Many people confuse our system with inverter based limitation system which you are unable to test and many DNO does not accept inverter limitation system due to fact that you cant prove the allowed limit physically. Our Restricted Exporting Control System were installed in all DNO areas through the UK and was always accepted by the DNO.

Even if DNO allow you no export at all you still be able to install generation of a size you require due to the proven fact of our systems.