G59 Panels

E-Renewables offers fully competent G59 Engineer to conduct all of your G59/3-2 Testing or Periodic Inspections. We are available immediately and are looking forward to fulfilling all of your requirements. We are able to supply you with bespoke made G59/3-2 protection Relay panels built specifically for your installation.

Why Use A G59/3-2 Protection Relay Panel?

As Consultants in the industry we can now use our vast experience to bring to you the client a G59/2-1 or G59/3-2 protection relay panel which will both satisfy the DNO engineers, but just as important, our panels will stand the test of time.

During a DNO witness test, you must prove to the officer that your small scale embedded generator falls under the parameters of the G59/3-2 Engineering Recommendations. You must prove on site that your installation is ready and able to connect in parallel to the grid.

The DNO witness will expect a high standard of engineering competency to be shown in both the G59 relay panel and the installation itself, when this competency is shown this makes the testing both an easier and more pleasant experience for everybody concerned. As our panels are made bespoke for your installation, we can offer you a range of relays to be fitted in the panel to include: Comap (Mains Pro) Woodward and Megacon.

With the high specification of these relays, this enables a site test to be conducted proving to the witness the required tests i.e. Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Frequency and Loss of Mains (Vector Shift and ROCOF)

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